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9:00 (Italian time)

On the 4th of June, our partner Novgorod University Yaroslav-the-Wise hosted our first online workshop, titled “The most important startup questions about Concepts and Models of Training Teachers for Leadership”.

During this workshop, all the partners shared their ideas and contributions related to the thematics of education, leadership, and use of Information and Communication Technologies, to lay the basis for the following work and for the conference that will be held next autumn, always in Novgorod.

7 July 2020

First identification of the learning outcomes for the master degree modules

Bologna process, Eu descriptors, teaching and learning


24th September 2021
Petropavl, Kazakhstan
at  North Kazakhstan University




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Welcome speech by Prof. Betta

                                                        SOME REMARKS

What we need is to understand more about the training finalize on the development of the Master program and its implementation.

The focus of attention so far has been the academic professional development program. (9-15 academic hours).

We need always to involve the stakeholders in the team, the connection between leadership in University the labor market need to be realistic.

It is very important for our project the Education Centre for Leadership, we need to establish and to be operational we need to implement, in the project and beyond the project.

Fundamental is sustainability. In regards to sustainability strategy, the project partners defined the general framework which should be further developed by each university taking into consideration the existing environment.

Each university should identify the group of stakeholders to whom the activities would be targeted. In conclusion, as in every international project, we need to have a clear vision and plan of the project’s sustainability.


W O R K S H O P 
Training in education, which role of the leadership
Roma, Thursday 19th MAY


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Thursday 19th May 2022 WORKSHOP (2)_page-0001.jpg
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20 th December 2022

"Philosophy of Leadership and Education system"

Workshop 20DEC_DeSTT Project_page-0001.jpg
Workshop 20DEC_DeSTT Project_page-0002.jpg
Workshop 20DEC_DeSTT Project_page-0003.jpg
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the workshop ... also online, all connected

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WhatsApp Image 2022-12-19 at 10.04.25.jpeg
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