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Quality of the project design and implementation

  • Coherence:  the overall project design ensures consistency between project objectives, methodology, activities and the budget proposed. DeSTT presents a coherent and comprehensive set of appropriate activities to meet the identified needs and the expected results.

  • Methodology: the logic of the intervention is of good quality, planned outputs and outcomes are coherent and feasible, and key assumptions and risks have been clearly identified.

  • Work plan: DeSTT has quality and effectiveness of the work plan, including the extent to which the resources assigned to work packages are in line with their objectives and the  deliverables; the relation between the resources and the expected results is adequate and the work plan is realistic, with well-defined activities, time-lines, clear deliverables and milestones.

  • Budget: the proposal is cost efficient and allocates the appropriate financial resources necessary for a successful implementation of the project.

  • Quality control: control measures (continuous quality evaluation, peer reviews, benchmarking activities, mitigating actions etc.) and quality indicators ensure that the project implementation is of high quality.

  • Environmental sustainability: the DeSTT project is designed in an eco-friendly way and incorporates green practices in all different project phases.

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 9th October - DeSTT Quality meeting
17th October - DeSTT Quality meeting
with all Mongolina and Kazakh partner
coordinated by Prof. Diana Spulber

Discussion about:

2. Quality assessment

Quality assurance Meeting at UIB - Almaty

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